Monday, January 21, 2013

Websites I Check Daily

If you don't check these websites daily, start. They are fantastic.
  • The Bloggess- Seriously, if you haven't read her blog GO NOW. I found her blog during a period of depression, and it helped pull me out of it. She is hilarious.
  • I waste so much time- Updated multiple times daily with awesomeness
  • The Oatmeal- Not updated super often, but it's hilarious when it is
  • Questionable Content- Not as sketchy as it sounds. This is a webcomic that is updated monday-friday. If you haven't been reading this, it will take you a while to catch up!
  • Stumble Upon- If you don't have an account here, make one. You enter in your interests, press "stumble" and then it brings you to awesome websites.
  • This is not that blog- Just go. I love her posts, and you will too.

And since this was a short post, I will show you a picture of one of my cats:

Her name is Minka.
She is silly and randomly sits like this.
She isn't the smartest....
She doesn't know how retract her claws so she gets caught on things a lot
She also stands in front of an slightly open door meowing until someone comes and opens it all the way.
But she is one of the sweetest cats I have ever had.
And I love her.

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