Monday, February 25, 2013

Are you shitting me?

I was browsing This is why I'm broke when I found this.

Please tell me that people aren't actually paying to have flecks of gold show up in their crap. How does anyone benefit from this? No one is going to see least I hope they aren't. And what are you going to do after you have decorated your crap? You have two choices. You can either flush it, or you can try to get your gold back. One option leaves you out over $400, and one is....well absolutely disgusting. If you have the money to shell out to decorate your shit, please consider all the better uses for this money. Donate the money to your local food bank, or animal shelter.  Or really, anything else would be a better investment than this.


  1. As a repeat buyer of "Shit Gold Pills" and other similar, high quality merchandise, I submit that you don't know what it is like until you try it. Best use of $425.00 I have ever seen.

  2. If you ever have the money to be able to buy this, how about we go get some Thai food instead? :P