Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another day, another post.

Hello lovelies,

Today is day two of my attempting to post everyday. So far so good. I haven't been feeling great. I had a caffeine headache till 6pm. I really need to start drinking tea again instead of coffee and redbulls. Shouldn't be too hard. These days tea is far more accessible for me. It will also save me money so win-win-win. I've only gotten in about three to four hours on my pre-course material today though I will certainly work on it more after I post this. Until I'm done at my job (my last day is the 26th) I'm going to be on a night schedule so I'm not concerned about how much time I've spent thus far. Additionally, I have the next three days off so I look forward to being productive while being able to relax a bit.

Despite not having spent as much time as I would have liked today, I have been happy with what I've gotten done thus far. I feel like I'm getting through the lists of things to do efficiently. I will say that I am developing a nice ever-growing list of things I need to look up. I will probably have to schedule a good six hours tomorrow or the next day to devote to that. School doesn't start for three weeks so I probably don't need to work as much as I'm planning to, but I'm excited to get a jump on things and find a good routine for myself.

I don't think I have anything more to say for now. So I guess I'll be off!

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