Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm back

Sorry for my absence. I've been really sick, but today I am feeling much better. There hasn't been much to report. For the most part I've been watching lectures of a CS class. I sent an email on Friday to the person at Coding Dojo who sent my acceptance, and all the information I needed for access to the pre-couse material. I knew she wasn't the person I should be sending my questions to, but I figured she could forward it to the right person. In the email I asked about three things.

The first was to ask for the answers to the algorithms I had solved. It's not hard to run code so I know that my answers are "correct", but I wanted to make sure they were the right answers. Normally I am all about solving things my own way as my way tends to be more efficient. That may sound bad to put it that way, but I've found through talking to people, and testing ways to do things that it's true. However, the point of these algorithms are to get you thinking about these problems in an efficient way. Get you thinking like a computer. I figure roughly 95% of my answers are about as efficient as possible using the tools we had, however I intend to memorize these algorithms to make things run quicker in the future, and It's a lot easier to not make a habit than to break it so I am waiting till I can check my answers before I memorize them.

The second thing I asked about was the projects. During the session, we will complete two projects. They recommend that you know what you want to build and start designing the blueprints for it before you start the session. I have no idea what I want to build. Nor do I know how advanced these projects should be. Should I build a website, a game, an operating system? Obviously not the latter since we only have like a week to work on each project, but I don't know how far along I will be when I start these projects. So I emailed and asked about those to get a better idea.

Lastly I asked about how to get in touch with the other members of my cohort. We will be working together, and helping each other along the way. They are the people who will be going through the same thing that I am, so I would like to contact them before the session starts.

Yesterday, I got an email back saying that she would forward the email to one of the instructors. This was followed by a copy of the forwarded email. I have since been added to the cohort email, but as far I can tell, that email is for the current session, and I have yet to hear back on my other points. Hopefully I'll hear back soon. I'm terrible at memorization, so I'm going to have to start working on those algorithms soon.

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