Monday, February 2, 2015

Coding Dojo: Day 1

The day is finally here. The day my session officially starts. I finished all the beginning HTML work and am now on to CSS. I probably should have been able to get through all the CSS reading rather quickly, but reading all about CSS is excruciatingly tedious. (At least to me.) Especially considering the fact that I've already read all of this information in various forms when I have had to for other programs. The reading is quite simple, but I'm having trouble making myself focus on it. My mind keeps skipping over large amounts of it, and then I have to go back, and reread. I am determined however to read it the way they explain it so that I know I fully grasp the concepts the way they want me to. I am excited for when I get through the reading though. Then, after the quiz, I can get to the assignment. Despite my aversion to reading about it, I love writing CSS. So that is helping to motivate me to get through the reading.

I have a skype meeting in an hour for my orientation. I'm excited for that, and for getting to talk to my instructor. For now though, I think I'm going to take a lunch break. My parents brought me Olive Garden for my first day :)

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